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Adrenaline - How to start

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Depending on your version of windows download the correct version.  There IS a difference between the windows 7 and windows 10 specifically with the A.dll file.
IF you have windows 10, you will need to Go to the file settings on Admons2.exe, start.exe. and Adrenalin.exe and change all to "Run as Administrator" and change compatibility to windows 7.  Depending on how... difficult your computer wants to be... you might also need to do the same to your L2.exe shortcut.  Disabling or excluding the bot folder and your L2 system folder might also help get things going. 

You know you did it right when it looks like this.  If you don't see "No Name    Loading..." pop up in the bot window the L2 client WILL NOT be hooked with the bot, or in other words, will be a regular L2 window with no botting.  Likely issues are, you didn't click 'start' on the start.exe window.  Or you started up the L2 Client before the bot fully loaded.

I also attached a translated manual of adrenaline.  The pictures are not in English but I have always found the best way to learn a bot is to just dive in, and ask questions to the community.



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