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  1. Looks Nice how do i join the OBT ?
  2. Oh ! You busted me @Mantosh.. I was looking forward to trollin you boys a little more especially @Arthose because he's awesome. It's not like you wouldn't deserve it right ? But I will stop it here as long as you all stop it here. if that's ok .
  3. Is it a coincidence that you kicked me out of your alpha tester club the same day i joined L2Idle forum ?
  4. i was logged on toggle 4 days . solid. no issues.
  5. noits ok, I can wait. the connection is crap anyway. was crashing ever 10 or 12 hours.
  6. I was telling people on *another server* about your server and *RockStar* banned all my accounts. Im wondering if you guys have a approximate launch day. ty in advance. I did not test much. but the connection is very good. and that is my main concern.
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