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  1. i was logged on toggle 4 days . solid. no issues.
  2. noits ok, I can wait. the connection is crap anyway. was crashing ever 10 or 12 hours.
  3. I was telling people on l2idle about your server and RockStar banned all my accounts. Im wondering if you guys have a approximate launch day. ty in advance. I did not test much. but the connection is very good. and that is my main concern.
  4. 1. Tank 2. destro 3. tyr 4. BH 5. WC 6. BD 7. SWS 8. EE 9. BP 10. WS make a crafter on the side for starting crafts, take advantage of other ppls crafters later.
  5. TY for message me I was playing on [redacted] That is a shit server I hope to be happy on your new server fast.
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