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Buffs available through ALT-B.


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Our Alt-B Buffer is available at level 1 at no cost until you reach level 41 at which time the buffs cost 1k ea buff.

You can set up custom buffs schemes

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When choosing a buff scheme you can buff yourself, your pet, or the whole party. The Pet Tab will not be displayed unless you have have an active pet/summon and likewise the Party Tab will not appear unless you are in a party. 

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Cost to Buff

When choosing to buff a whole party including all summoned pets. The cost is auto calculated based on the number of party members and pets summoned. For instance if you have only Wind Walk in you custom scheme, it will cost 1k for yourself, 9k to buff a party of 9, and 18k to buff a party of 9 with 9 summons or pets active. My Dwarf Buff scheme cost 32k as you see, so for a party of 9 it will cost 288k. The adena to buff comes from the character requesting the buffs. 

Buffs not avaialble through ALT-B BUFFER

Some buffs are not available through ALT-B Buffer in any way. For instance buffs that require a forgotten scroll such as Counter Critical and Dance of Berserker will not be available through the ALT-B Buffer. If you desire these buffs you'll need to level the appropriate character. 

Common vs. Premium Account Buffs (Bartz server)

There are some differences in ALT-B buffer depending if you're account is a common or a premium account. The buff duration for common accounts is 2 hours and some buffs are only available through a Premium Account (PA), such as Warsmith, Summon, and combo resist buffs.

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A Premium Account has access to these buffs and ALT-B buffs from a PA last for 3 hours. 

NOTE: A character on a Premium Account will be able to put these extra PA buffs in their buff scheme. If they buff party mates without a premium account, the duration will remain 2 hours and the characters with a Common Account will not get the Premium Buffs. 

Common vs. Premium Account Buffs (Kain server)

Only about half of resists will not be available for non-premium accounts.

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