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    Great news!!! Everything retail 1x without npc buffer/mana pots-drugs/retail buff timers-slots BUT some good old l2 toggle perks would make it even better. Ofc I am talking about .town commands and party follow quests, but also class and subclass quests for a reasonable fee. Nobless quest retail in h5 is easy and fast so let us do it. Autolearn skills ofc so we won't have to spend some hours clicking for every char but FS not autolearn let us hunt them. Do you have an opening date to share?
  2. #1 Lack of knowledge nothing to do with server. #2 100% Correct and all allied clans. #3 Lack of knowledge again. #4 I can give to Mantosh an exact report of players/ips/chars and he can check logs and be sure he will find the following : Last TW everyone of RA had 1 party ONLY online, except 1 guy missing and someone else logged his chars to complete our "plans-strategy". So by any means the rule of 18 online was NOT broken !!! #5 Aden gates opened after I destroyed the catapult but we still found NPCs/guards in aden defending (Like you did in Dion as you mentioned). Abou
  3. Best option is to remove them completely of game! Killing bots for free aint working for a botting server! By letting people using them is like a "cosmic irony" in a botting server !!! P.S. Don't start with the PVE boost to bla bla bla . . . that someone actual need it. Free full buff with unlimited clients and mana potions in H5 chronicle is the answer on PVE bla bla !!!
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