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  1. Olympiad, like much of L2, and life, is a manipulation. You are seeking balance ... fairness ... and it can be done, but not this way unfortunately. Let's say your request was honored. What about: - masterwork armor vs regular? - masterwork weapons vs regular? - pvp'd armor with their bonus vs regular? - pvp'd weapons with their bonus vs regular? - 120 attributes x3 on all armor vs 60? - augments: some pay billions getting the perfect augments such as wild magic for mages - gear: so right now I prefer +10 vesper weapons but if +6 was max, then the top s84 weapons that drop from valakas / antharas go way up in value - epics vs no epics - belts / cloaks / shirts - subclass skills - Talismans Oly is all a manipulation. Parties / Clans / Allies can work together to feed week characters and make it to where the strongest player / character does not have a chance. What would be awesome for this game is if there was a round of Oly where all characters ported in identically equal, and you were given access to a weapons / armor room. You choose your gear then go fight. Everything equal. Then the best PLAYER could win a match. Alas, the game is not designed this way.
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