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How To: Zaken Guide (Level 61 - Nighttime)


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Raid Boss Names: Zaken (Nighttime)
Raid Boss Level: 60
Spawn Location: Devil's Isle
Minions: Yes
Minion Level: 57-60
Required Quest: None
Required Quest Item: N/A
Starting NPC Name: Pathfinder Worker
Starting NPC Location: Devil's Isle

      Suggested Classes:  Tank, Bishop, Anything else you want but preferably something with AOE skills or polearm.
      Suggested Level:  61
      Max Clients per IP:  8 parties (If entering with multiple parties make a command channel)  You need 18 chars minimum
      Suggested Gear:  A Weapons & Armor
      Suggested Route to Bosses:  Port from Giran to Giran Harbor (Regular Port) Talk to Somulitan and move to the pirate ship.

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Then talk to the Pathfinder Worker, choose Daytime - Difficult

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Here on L2Toggle, Zaken ONLY spawns in the middle room, therefore, you ONLY need to check the middle room of each floor.  There are a total of 3 floors and it's easy to get lost.  See below map for suggest travel path AND STICK TO IT!  unlike the level 85 Zaken, mobs are already here in the level 61 one.

1st Floor:  Come out to the first room, hang a right, check the middle room at the red dot below.  If you see Zaken running at you, great, if not, proceed on to the 2nd floor by going up the ramp.
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2nd Floor.  Make a right in first room you come to and check that middle room again for Zaken, still not there?  Bad luck, boss is on the....

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3rd Floor: Same as 2nd floor.  If you don't find Zaken in the middle room you screwed something up.  All I can say is good luck and happy wandering!  You can /target Zaken.

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Zaken is a pretty easy as long as you keep the hate on the tank.  If you don't he can quickly tear through mages and healers.  During the fight Zaken will spawn a ton of minions, while weak, there are a lot of them.  Mages do a better job AOEing than fighters do with polearms.  That said, the minions that are basically just regular mobs so they die quickly.   Your healers should use mana burn to keep him from teleporting (either you or himself) to another floor.)  If that happens it's SUPER annoying.

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Reward: C & B Grade junk, but has a 100% chance at a normal Zaken Earring.

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