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[Kain] Changelog [2021-11-02 - 2021-12-16]


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+ Added/Enabled
- Removed/Disabled
* Fixed/Edited

* Nighttime Zaken (lvl 61) initial spawn delay reduced to 30s. Zaken will not start teleporting until he's below 66% HP. Teleport CD increased
* Daytime Zaken random teleporting disabled
* Core respawn delay will now match Queen Ant
* Orfen random respawn delay reduced
+ Judicator can now learn Turn to Stone, Enlightenment, Protection of Alignment/Rune/Elemental
* Increased Nobless Quest item drop chance
* Reduced Raid Damage multiplier
* Increased Vitality points restored by Raids
* Village Master Texts regarding clan management
* Reduced Clan leveling items prices on Vote Shop
* FA Talismans are now destroyable
* Christmas event adjustments
* Few missing error messages (mail, trade)
+ GM Helper Commands

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