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Bartz Features [Formerly Kain]


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The Kain and Bartz servers were merged and Kain features are now Bartz features too.

XP x1 (+30% PA) (+50% Vit) (+20% Rec)
SP x1 (+30% PA) (+50% Vit) (+20% Rec)
Adena Drop x1 (+30% PA) (+50% Vit)
Item Drop x1 (+30% PA) (+50% Vit)
Spoil Rate x1 (+30% PA) (+50% Vit)
Boss Drops x2
Quest x1
Manor x1

* PA - Premium Account; Vit - Vitality; Rec - Nevit's Blessings Recommend bonus

Anti-Bot: Disabled

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Buff Times: 12 Hours
Maximum # of Buffs: 24+4
Maximum # of Song/Dance: 14
Alt+B Buffs: Yes* (most resists only with PA)
Buff Schemes for self, pet, and party.

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Class Master: Yes [Alt+B -> Career -> Professions]
Noble Quest: Retail
Subclass Quest : No [Alt+B -> Career -> Subclass]
Max Subclass Level: 85
GM Shop: No, only vote store and Mana Potions in Grocery stores.
Mammons' features available in Giran at Blacksmith Pushkin

Heroes every month
Limit enchant Weapon: +10
Limit enchant Armor/Jewel: +6

Toggle Services

Donate & Vote stores can be found at all Dimensional Merchants.
Max Clients: None (20 per Master account)
Max Clients in PvP zone: 10!
Auto Learn Skills: On (Except forgotten)
Auto Loot: On/Off
Raid Boss drops: Retail (on the ground)
Weight Limit: x200
Inventory limit: 200 regular/250 dwarf
Mana Potions: Yes (900MP/15s)

L2 Party Farming

Raid Bosses:
Drop x2
Regen x1.5
Defense x1.5
Attack x1.8
Level 52+ Raids drop 1-3 CoL; FA; and other rewards

Epic Jewels rework!
Queen Ant: Stats adjusted; Low level only zone; Drops adjusted to useful C grade.
Core/Orfen: Levels & Stats adjusted; Drops adjusted.
Baium: Level increased to 83; Stats increased; Drops S80 gear; Increased SA leveling.
Antharas/Valakas: Stats adjusted; Drops drastically increased (Mid/Top S84).
More on Epic Boss update here.

Queen Ant (40): 24±4
Core (40): 24±4
Orfen (60): 48±4
Zaken (55-65 / 78-85) (9 chars): Mon/Wed/Fri 6:30 AM
Zaken (55-65) (18 chars+): Wed 6:30 AM
Baium (83): 120+8
Valakas (85): 264+8
Antharas (85): 192+8
Sailren (80): 24+24
Baylor (83): 24+24
Beleth (83): 24+24

Raid instances minimum characters required reduced to 9 characters. Please note that some instances are designed for two parties!
Nighttime Zaken minimum characters required reduced to 18.

Regular Enchant rate:  Retail (+3% PA)
Blessed Enchant rate: Retail
Safe Enchant: +4
Element Max Level: 7
Element Stone Chance: 50%
Element Crystal Chance: 30%

Follow Party Leaders NPC Dialog

Other features:

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